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question re: punishment groups


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I feel like this is something I used to know and have forgotten - please bear with me. 😀 

I know that if you specify punishmentgroup=group,group,group...
it will select a punishment from one of the groups specified.

Is there a way to specify two groups and the punishment selected must exist in both groups? Sort of the same idea of how you can do either if=statement,statement,statement vs multiple if=statement lines. Is that something possible? If not, may I humbly please submit it to the suggestion box of non-essential things. 🙂

Example: Say I have three defined punishments that include writing lines about knowing your place. I have a group for lines, and a group of punishments themed on servitude, and these punishments are assigned to both. Then when the sub deserves a mild punishment on that theme I'd like to be able to say something like

punishmentgroup=lines AND servitude

in order that one of the punishments where these two groups intersect would be chosen.

I know the easiest workaround is to simply create a third group, e.g. servitudelines, and I can do that. I just find I get so many groups and things that it can be hard to keep track of them (my ambition outpaces my organizational skills), and it would be neat to be able to combine groups in this way without having to create named metagroups for each potential combination.  One could then use groups almost like tags.


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I see what you mean. However, I find that it will be too complex to do compared to the need for this functionality.


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That's fair, especially considering there is a doable workaround. Thanks Sven! Just wanted to make sure there wasn't already a way that I wasn't seeing.