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Report write blocked

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I've noticed recently, that if I open to view a report file (I use Far File manager), while VM is running, this blocks writing data into it. And events that are happening during this time just not shown in report.

Usually opening files for viewing in FAR is not a problem to write to the file.

I have a not encrypted report file. Not sure if it happens with encrypted report or not. But this can be a way to hide events from report.

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I don't know Far File manager, but my guess is that it is holding a lock on the report file. I don't think I can override that. The actual writing is done by calling a standard routine that I cannot influence. Having the report file open in a browser does not prevent writing to it.

I would think that when the report file becomes available, the program will write the missing events. Unless the program has been closed in the mean time, in which case the report is lost.

I am not sure, but I think I am holding a lock on the encrypted report file, making it impossible to view it while the program is running.



asub Topic starter 03/06/2022 4:05 pm

@admin I'll run some more tests and tell more details later 🙂