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Setting name of day and month (Monday / January etc)  




Would like to set a string value for the name of a weekday (Monday-Sunday) but haven’t found anything suitably simple. The automatic flags (monday...) don’t seem to function in the usual way as conditions: if/when=monday etc has no effect, though I see in the report that it’s set. The month flags (january...) are similarly ineffectual. Am I missing something?

I currently set the name of the month using #zzMonth:  



I think it would be a long job to write a script like this for the days of a year using zzDate or similar. Any ideas welcome.


PS. My last post was horribly regrettable. Sorry to zipinen for underestimating you – I’ve been stood in the corner for a month. And thanks to Sven for your diplomacy.

1 Answer

Erm.. don't know what I was doing wrong before, but of course the auto flags function as normal. As you knew! Lordy lore. Sorry.