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Show Picture in the text area?  



Hi, me again. Wasn't sure if supposed to start a new thread or just use my old one. Anyways, I wanted to ask if there was a way to show a picture in the main area of the program. Like I want to be able to have a picture show in the program and not in a new window. 

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There is a way. It is connected to the status, as the status is meant to reflect what the sub is doing right now. 

Use the keyword Picture in the status definition to show a picture. You can use a variable to contain the picture name, to create more flexibility.





Oh right, ok thanks I was wondering why it didn't work. I guess i read over that part in the manual. so I have two wildcards in there now, but the one for the gifs doesn't show the gif. Like if a gif is called on it just will act like nothing is being called. But the .jpg work fine. this is what it looks like

picture=\UVM\Pictures Directory\Status\Normal\*.jpg
picture=\UVM\Pictures Directory\Status\Normal\*.gif


I'm not sure gif is supported. The program is a bit primitive in many ways.



ok thank you.

I have another question if you don't mind. Is there a way to have a status based on what is listed in Assigments?

Say have like a Normal status and a Upset Master status that acts as Normal and gets switched to that status if a punishment was listed as an assignment 


Also I have a problem where if a punishment is running, I lose 1 merit/ minute. No where in my script says that should be happening. I went through the manual and couldn't find how to stop that. Is there a command that deals with that?


You can change status directly from an assignment but this works only when an assignment is actually started. You might be able to do this by using the AnnounceProcedure. This procedure is called when the assignment is given and you should be able to change the status in the procedure.
On your second question this is definitely not default behavior and is being created by the script. Probably the punishment is setting a flag. The flag would have a duration of a minute and when the duration is up it calls an expire procedure that subtracts a merit and resets the flag. The flag and the procedure could be anywhere in the script not necessarily in the punishment that calls it. Search for all the expire procedures in the script and you should be able to track it down.



My advice is not to use status for Upset Master, but instead use a flag. This will give you more freedom to have the Master upset across states. 

There i no direct connection between pending assignments and neither status nor flags. As Kathy says, you must make the change when the punishment is given and completed. 

I agree with Kathy that the loosing of merit points must be part of the script. There is no functionality in the program to do exactly that, so somehow it must be coded. Try searching for addmerit or addmerits.

One last thing. When you start on a new subject, please start a new thread with an appropriate subject. This makes it much easier for other users to benefit from your question. 


Thank you for helping out.

Sven B.


Thanks again for all the help. I have no real computer programming experiences so I'm winging it best as I can. My script is based off of a UVM download with the script broken up into parts. I've been looking for this rouge command causing me to lose merits per minute while a punishment is in effect, but no luck so far. Knowing it's in there is frustrating lol. 

Sorry for not starting new threads. I wasn't sure because I seem to have questions a lot and didn't want to over post but I will when I have new questions. My script is probably written all wrong, but other than the rouge flag or whatever causing the drop in merits it seems to be working decently for me. Again thanks for all the help, and the program itself 🙂


Update: found it. Was not punishments it was tied to permissions for using furniture and what nots. [procedure-SubPerMin] in the