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ShowPicture from Randomfolder?  



I'm looking to write my own script, and I've gotten along pretty well now over the course of a few months. However I don't know if this is possible but I want to make a pop up that shows a random picture in a specified folder. Ive learned how to do

showpicture and removepicture, and also have folders set up for sounds, videos, pictures, and even script components.


I know I could just do a select=Random and then write down the file path and name of each picture...but since I have a lot of pictures I want to use, is there any way I could make it faster?

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Also while I wait for moderation, I have another question. Is there way to put like a password on a punishment to prevent it from being done? If Yes, is there a way to do it to just a single punishment, or is it just all punishments in general. 


Also I really wish development on this continued. It's a great tool to use to supplement a Relationship already part of the BDSM lifestyle. Once  I got the hang of it, I learned it's not as hard as it seems. I still have a ways to go before learning enough to write a script from scratch, but if this got more development it would have been so cool. Makes me wish I knew how to make a program. 😛


You can show a random picture by using wild-cards in the picture name. Like this:
This will pick a random picture in the folder "cleaning". 

You can add a beforeprocedure to the punishment. The procedure can ask for a punishment, using Input$. Then compare the reply to the correct password, and if it not equal, set the flag zzdeny. You can do this on the individual punishments. 

The current version of the program is written in a version of Delphi that requires Windows XP or earlier. I am currently in a process of upgrading to a newer version of Delphi. And in this process I want to use newer versions of plugins as well. All this takes time, and I don't really have time for the time being. It's moving forward, but slowly. But this is the reason that development has been halted for so long.

Sven B.



Oh cool Thank you so much for the help. I'm still trying to get that advanced stuff down and that actually solves a few problems for me.

Also I'm glad to hear that you have stopped working on it. I just picked it up and I love it so far. It's pretty flexable.