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SlowProcedure in Status  




I'd like to place a slowmessage and a 'slowprocedure' in a status. The programme launches with these commands in the script, but they don't execute in the event of signing in late. The 'Signinpenalty1' and '2' function, but not the 'slow' stuff. 

P.62-3 of the manual loosely suggests that this should work, but I guess I'm missing something.

   SLOWMessage=Tardy! (this message doesn't pop)

     Message=This message doesn't pop, either. 


Any help much appreciated.


3 Answers

Hi Simon,

Slowmessage and slowprocedure are used in conjunction with "MaxTime". That is the maximum time the sub must be in that status. 

There are no correspondents for signin. 




Hi Sven

Thanks for the lightening response.

When you say ‘no correspondents for signin’ do you mean that there’s no procedure for signing in late? Not complaining, of course – there’s plenty else to be grateful for. (I.E., don’t lock me in the cupboard).

But I see how the ‘maxtime’ function works: I’ve a status called ‘smoking out the window’ which now ends badly if subby doesn’t exit the status fast enough.


Hi Simon,

Yes, that's what I mean. I suppose I never saw the need for a late signin procedure.

I'm glad that you have gotten to use maxtime.