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Sound is played by the wrong device

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I have multiple audio devices connected to my PC. My default device is an audio amplifier that my headphones are connected to but there is also the onboard realtek driver which plays sound via my sound system that is connected to my PC's front AUX slot.

Now usually when I'm at my desk I wear headphones but when I'm in the kitchen for example that is not possible for obvious reasons so I wanted to make the program play sounds via my sound system by changing the app's output device to the realtek driver via the windows sound settings.

quick explanation what I did: 
rightclick the speaker icon in the system tray
Open Sound Settings->App Volume and Device Preferences
Changed the Output device from Default to RealtTek Audio (the app will usually not appear in the list until it actually plays a sound so if it's missing run the test call sound report)

this works for any other app (tho some require restarting) but not for Virtual Master. I have also tried restarting the program and even my computer but it still plays the sound via my headphones.

I did not attach a script because it also occurs with demo-female.ini. It happens with both the alarm= and sound= keywords

alexg 02/08/2022 6:00 pm

Did you tried to play the sound at both devices at same time by default. So you simply have to turn off the device you don't want to use. There are a workaround for windows for such problems.

AliceDee Topic starter 10/08/2022 2:17 pm


I don't know what you mean by "play the sound at both devices at same time" but given that you are suggesting disabling a device I don't think it actually addresses my issue anyway

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I will see if I can find a way to let you choose.



@alicedee Please try the new version 4.3.5 and see if that solves the problem. VirMst should nor use the system output device.