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Suggestion: Showcase Image Feature

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Since the beginning, Virmst has had the ability to show a single inline image at a time. Typically, this has been used for "master" images. This is how Virmst currently works:

You could build upon this functionality and give more options to script writers by introducing a brand new "Showcase Image" feature. This feature allows Virmst to display two images at a time, the main "master" image as well as a secondary image. This effectively doubles the amount of media Virmst can present at once, granting many more possibilities to script writers, and lessening their reliance on the pop-up image feature, which may not suit their needs.


This is what the "Showcase Image" feature could look like:

Implementation 1: Under main image-

Implementation 2: Widget-style, hanging off to the side-



The feature could work exactly like the current means of image display could. The script writer could use the feature to reference any image in the folder (e.g. "showcaseimage=fridge.jpg", or "image2=fridge.jpg"). There are numerous benefits for existing scripts AND new script writers, such as:

1. Displaying both the main master image and a status image at the same time, such as a bathroom image

2. Displaying the main master image and a secondary visualized sub status image. Many video games in the same vein as Virmst utilize "sub status images" to visualize on screen what the sub is wearing, their emotions, or more, as the stages of the game advance, as seen here:


This system could be adopted into Virmst and used by script writers to create custom "sub status" images that reflect what the script wants the sub to be wearing or doing.


Of course this feature would be optional, and if the script does not use the feature, the UI would not look any different than how it does now.


While it's just my opinion, adding a dynamic feature like this could go a long way in modernizing the program.

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I must admit that I don't see any real benefits from this suggestion. The image today is dependent on the status, and thus displaying what is happening right now. If I understand you right, this is what you suggest as the "secondary image".

Thank you fort the proposal, but I reject it.

Sven B.