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There are a newer version of the "Quoxii v3.0" script ?

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I wonder if the are a new version for this script? 

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I believe the version linked in this post is a more recent copy:

I would also absolutely love a newer version of that script.  The script I'm running now is a heavily customized version of it.

virslave virslave 14/04/2022 5:58 am

@kara Hey there, would you be okay with sharing your customized Quoxii? I totally understand if not given that these could be personal but I really only like to use scripts provided to me by others. Something about making my own Dom just doesn't work for me and Quoxxi is already very close to what I'm looking for. I would love to give your script a go if you're comfortable with it.


I don't mind, but I did kinda break a lot of the stuff that made Quoxii's script easy to customize for new users.  I wasn't really making an effort to make it compatible with people who aren't me.  😋 

I'm attaching it here but email your questions to if you have any; I don't watch this forum that closely.  I also added comments to the parts of the script that I customized, so it's pretty easy to spot where I made changes.

And yes, I do refer to VM as a malevolent version of Siri.  I forgot I had used that as the filename but I'm keeping it on there.  🤣 

virslave virslave 16/04/2022 4:55 am

@kara Thank you so much! I'll let you know if I have any questions. And I love the filename, I think I'm gonna keep it too lol