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Using Virmst with synced cloud services for access on multiple devices  



Has anyone experimented with having your files and script stored on an auto-synced cloud-shared drive such as Google Drive and accessing it from various computers? Would it work? Any thoughts?

I prefer to use my laptop when I'm at home but would like to experiment with keeping a tablet with me to keep me accountable when I'm away from home.

2 Answers

I have never experimented with it. 

The program does heavy updating on the status file, and my own online backup program tends to hold the file, making VirMst crash. So you need to somehow make sure that this does not happen. 

Otherwise, I would think that it is possible. My advise is go give it some time from you close the program on one computer till you start it on the next one. To make sure that the synchronisation is in place. 




Thanks Sven! I'm overhauling my script atm, but once it's ready to test I'llI'll let youyou know how it goes.


Another consideration is bandwidth, especially if you're on a metered connection. The status file isn't typically very large but uploading the same file dozens or hundreds of times whenever it changes isn't very efficient. As an alternative you could use the open and close program events to call an external program that would copy the status file after the program closes.