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Virmst Online


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Hi all,

I really love the virmst program and have a nice collection of scripts, but what I really missed is that it cannot be run on a phone or via the browser.

So I have developed a browser based version where you can upload a virmst script and execute it using Chrome.

It does not support all tags yet (like popups or timers) but most of the script tags work properly (procedures, merits, jobs, punishments etc.).

Currently the program is in a test phase, and anyone is free to try it out. You can create a free account on

Would love to get feedback. 

PS: I could not find how to contact the developer of the virmst software, so if you read this, please send me a PM.

@onlinevirmst just wondering if you still have a site - when I tried to go look it gave me a message that it no longer exists.

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I have setup an account and installed my files, it is an interesting starting point but doesn't seem overly stable and there are clearly a few issues with it being able to handle at least my script at this point.

Having Virmst as an online program does seem like a logical step that would take it into the future but it would be worth considering the approach from scratch rather than making an exact online clone of the software. A few things that might be worth considering:

  • Move away from the script files - whilst it would be great to be able to upload the script file as an initial import, having a "Master" login and a "Slave" login would be a more logical approach. The script files aren't overly user friendly and can start to become very cumbersome with lots of references. An online portal that does input validation and potentially historic info on the command (i.e. how often the task has been run, min/max/average time, number of times a permission has been accepted/denied etc). The admin interface can also hold photos and content etc if required.
  • If you did the separate interface, it is worth considering that some Master's have multiple slaves.
  • Consider some areas that being online gets you over the desktop software. API end points for instance, it would be great if the slave could ask Alexa for the permissions and it could get a response from the API. Equally the ability to run Javascript as part of jobs or popups or be able run API commands on external resources at specific times would be useful.
  • Open source it, could allow improved development and tweaks, others can install it on their personal servers if desired. 

This is just a couple of ideas I am sure that there are 1000s of different things you could do but I just think it is worth considering if trying to make a carbon copy of what is a really good but aged software in an online environment is the best way forward or re-thinking it with a more modern approach might be a better way to embrace the future.



Well, a nice try. I've been thinking about something like this for a long time... and even have some parts of code written. What language do you use for a backend?

I can help with some code on PHP or maybe ideas to be written in other languages.


great job. But problem is, Im always low on scripts... searching for some new ones. Do you think you could share your scripts, or make them part of program so there are some to choose from? I would like to try something new 🙂


I am still learning how to work with virmst too. So I understand your concerns 🙂

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For me, it says the website's certificate is invalid. if I proceed anyways, it gives me a 404 error.

@ghost136 same here