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Checking on Standard of completed job

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Attached is a little bit of code on how I make sure that a job is completed correctly (at least on average!).

Rough flow of what happens in the code:

1) Sub requests permission to eat a meal

2) They report they have finished a meal

3) A new job is created, to clean the kitchen, they have an hour in which todo it.

4) They report they have finished cleaning

5) A basic Question is asked which is basically "Are you sure your finished", if they answer no they are punished and will have to go back to step 4.

6) A random question is asked from a long list of specific areas to be to looked at to determine if they are clean. The idea of the list is that it would be so extensive there will almost always be somewhere the sub has forgotten to clean. If they answer No they are given a minimum 2 hour cleaning session. At the end they will have to answer a random question again.