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Fun with conditional popups

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I found a rather interesting way to turn the merit system into a bit of a predicament.

My current script requires daily edging, and it costs me a bunch of merits to get permission to cum.  However, having high merits also makes me more likely to get various permissions - if I'm below 500 merits, I'm less likely to be allowed to take a hot shower, for example.  So, since I'm pretty used to the edging/denial at this point, I've got a lot of motivation to stockpile a lot of merits, right?

Message=Let's see if we can make you even MORE eager to obey.
Job=Edge Yourself

Message=You deserve to be rewarded for all your hard work, {$zzSubName}. Go ahead and edge yourself.
Message=You don't have permission to cum, of course. You haven't earned THAT sort of reward. This is more of a participation trophy.
Job=Edge Yourself

Message=I'm curious to see just how long it takes you to boil over...
Job=Edge Yourself

... Not so much.  If I try to save up for a rainy day, I start getting more and more pressure from VM.  These stack with each other, so at 1000 merits I have a weight=15 chance to get some kind of extra edging.  (It works out to about a 30% chance per day with my current script.)  I also have similar popups that assign extra punishments, and a few that just verbally harass me.

The idea is to create a constant predicament for myself.  Do I spend merits to get permission?  If I do, I might end up low enough that VM gives me a cold shower or a night of sleeping on the floor.  Do I save up?  If I do that, I'll end up with extra punishments or edging assignments.

What do you think?  Happy to hear feedback or suggestions.  And I apologize in advance to any subs that are about to have this inflicted on them.  😋 

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Thank you for this tip and inspiration.

Your way of turning the merit score into a predicament is very interesting in my opinion.


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I love this idea! For me, the edging itself is more of a reward, but I'm into it! 😀