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Amanda's script

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Here is my script.

It is mostly for women or transgender, or those into feminization, but it can be modified.
In this script you surrender to a Master that requests you to perform some tasks for him. There are no popups, no special rules, you don’t need to ask for permission, no check in timer, no reports, you can always send a report to a friend/partner if you want to.

The script consists of some simple tasks assigned daily, nothing extreme, just sexy/kinky kind of dares. You will need a dildo, he will be your master, or a real one. Tasks are not long, so it is easy to find the time to do them. Other tasks last days, they tell you to wear something, or do something every day, for a few days. You have to click start for each task, and then end once you are done. You can combine tasks, for example you can start a task for wearing something for 3 days, and then also start a task that requires you to do some evening routine for a few days. During this time you can do some of the short tasks. You can delete tasks if you cannot accomplish them, but you will get a punishment.
Punishments are also short, and not hard. They can be 5 minutes or 20 minutes, but they accumulate. There are also punishments that last days.

Hope you enjoy it.

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