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Checking input sample script  


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27/04/2020 4:05 pm  

The attached script is an example of having the sub enter a specific phrase or Word/Words as part of a Phrase and testing if the phrase is correct.

Ideas covered:

  • Using a text box instead of a popup, Sub is required to type "Thank you, Mistress"
  • As part of confession/permission the word "Mistress" must appear
  • In response to a being given a new punishment the sub is required to type "Thank you, Mistress"
  • At the end of a punishment the sub has to say "Thank you, Mistress" otherwise the entire task needs to be repeated.
  • "Good Morning" protocol, sub needs to start the morning "Good Morning, Master." then precisely enter their slave mantra.

This isn't meant to be a replacement for the lines task, it is just to make the sub interact with the program more and regulate their language better. 

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05/05/2020 12:51 pm  

Hey there, 

I'm glad you found my tinkering useful 🙂 I love the morning routine/having to actually remember the slave mantra idea!

I think doing it line by line is a bit "code heavy" and also the potential for an unrealistic amount of punishments (unless you really love being punished *wink wink*) is high.

I think I would change it so that the sub just had to type the mantra completely, once (correctly formatted of course, with full stops and spaces, etc). If they failed then a single focused punishment (writing out the mantra in lines) is given.

I really dig the idea though, so thank you!