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Popup-Master Script

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I have made another script. This one is for short time play with your virtual master, so you can launch it whenever you have 20 minutes to a couple of hours.
The script will trigger a popup every few minutes, and the Master will tell you something you have to do immediately. This includes to undress, change position, play with yourself, orgasm control, dirty talk, … . There are no tasks/jobs or punishments in this script, and no special rules. The only rule is you are not allowed to cum unless told to.
Use the report menu to start serving your master, and then again the report menu when you have to stop.
The script is based on popups activating several flags, so expect there to be some bugs.
The script can be used as a standalone opening 'mainscript.ini' file. Or you can include into another script, add this ‘%include=popup-master.ini’ to your main script.

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When i try to use the script i get this "Error in script-file section General: Alarm file not found: wave file"


i use virmst 4.2 beta 6

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@master3113 You can comment the Alarm string in config file (if it is not encrypted).

If it is encrypted try 4.1 version first of all, then you can try an older version (3.X)

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