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Position Training

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This is a sample script and some associated files that I have put together. 

Basic premise is that a job starts there is a verbal command and an image on screen, the sub needs to hold that position for a random period (in sample it is 100 seconds to 3 minutes) time then moves onto the next position. The entire experience lasts for as long as the script writer wants it to (10-20 minutes in the sample).

Currently there are 4 positions in it, would be fairly easy to add more. 

Audio files are in a sub folder, images are in the main directory as the program only seems to support absolute positioning for these.

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Just for people who are intimidated by case statements and sections of script that are a bit "code-heavy" I figured I'd post an alternative version of the above.

Essentially the same thing as above but a little bit lighter on the code (at least to my eyes, I'm pretty new to this). It's a job that's set up to run daily and it punishes the sub for slow responses. It cycles through 10 random positions (these you will have to define yourself elsewhere in the script or add further text/images to the procedures provided) that the sub must hold for 1-2 minutes. When the time is up a picture is taken and the next position is called. After 10 positions are done, the sub can mark the job complete.

They are expected to react quickly during this and are punished if they don't. Only the job and the procedures/flags required are included (it isn't a full script).

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@hoot Could you explain where the images taken go? Onto a folder on my PC, or sent to a Mistress/Master?