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Time wasting script

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This is a small script inspired from an idea on FetLife.

You can waist a sub's time for as long as you want during a day, by forcing him/her to click a button with one minute intervals.

The sub must click a button a number of times in one day. When you have clicked, you must wait a minute before you can click again.
The first click doesn't count, but a minute later you can click and count. Provided you click within a minute. Otherwise the click doesn't count, and you must wait a minute again.

All clicks must be completed in one day. At midnight, the count is reset to the initial value.

The script is set up to require 60 clicks a day, meaning 60 minutes wasted. You can change that in the beginning of the script.

If you wish, you can incorporate the script in your own scripts, and use it as a punishment.

Have fun.

Sven B.