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Looking for a Script Writer or a Dom

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Hi! I'm James, I'm a 19 year old transman (female to male) who hasnt transitioned yet.

I'm looking for someone who can either be a sweet, nice Master (i'm a bit sensitive emotionally, i'm very submissive and obedient though) or for someone who is better at scriptwriting than me to write a Master of those specifications.

I'm a pet, more specifically a puppy, and so for the subname in the script, i'd like it to be Puppy, or if you contact me and we get to talking it can be a pet name you decide.

I find that i thrive off of positive reinforcement, but i should still be punished if i forget something or willfully disobey.

My email is and my snapchat is chubbypuppy803

If you're going to contact me in regards to being an actual Master, please be in your 20's! I cant do older guys, sorry!

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What kind of things do you want in the script?