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Looking for female sub  


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13/11/2017 3:22 pm  

Hello everybody,

yay, I am the first to place an ad here 😉

I am looking for a new sub to play with. I took some time off from the program but have been writing scripts for years before. And now I am looking forward to giving it a go again 🙂

What I am offering:

You will get a custom made script from me, based on a version that is already running, but tailored to your situation. In addition to the program and the script, there will be email/chat contact and you will have to complete offline tasks for me. My control over you will be 24/7 and concern every aspect of your life in some way or another. To make that clear: this is not about me sending you a script and be done. I want the experience to be interactive and fun for me too.

So, what is it I like?

For me, the experience is about control. I am not too much into pain or humiliation (although I enjoy both from time to time). I like knowing what the sub is doing, when she is doing it, for how long she is doing it, restricting her from doing it and so on. I like it, when she has to ask permissions to do stuff. I like training my sub, be it positions she has to assume or exercises to improve her abilities. I like to withhold sexual release; orgasms will most likely be rare but you'll get to play with yourself a lot. You get the picture. I am mostly a nice guy, probably best described as a "daddy dom" but without the age-play, if you know what I mean. I like to like my subs and I want them to like me and I like it if they behave (and I will punish them if they don't). I will most likely not degrade you or call you nasty names.

What you MUST bring to the table:

You must be a female sub, sorry guys, this is not for you. It is not important if you are experienced or new to all of this. What is important though, is that you are willing to invest some of your time. This experience will require some of your time every day (just like a normal relationship would), so be sure that this is what you are looking for. It is not about a (short) play session. You will be required to communicate (with the program or me personally using emails or chat) a lot since it's the only way I can get a picture of what is going on. If you like writing single-lined emails a lot, this might be a problem 😉
You should like to be controlled in your everyday life. You should like it, when you have to ask permission and you'll obey when permissions are denied. You are eager to please and you try your best to avoid punishments (believe me, you will fail to avoid EVERY punishment, but I don't like subs that fail deliberately to get punishment sessions). You are articulate and are willing to show it. I want proper language and I don't like messages or reports that are one-liners. You are willing to undergo a training program and learn how to be the sub I want you to be.

Nice to have:

Applicants who are ok with pictures/videos will be preferred as it adds to the fun I will be having out of this. Please include in your application to what level you are comfortable with pictures. It can range from pictures of your surroundings or your apartment, to prove that you really cleaned up or went for a walk, you without showing the face to show that you obeyed clothing instructions to you including face or even you naked. Make sure to tell me what level you would be comfortable with.

Hope to hear from you soon! You can email me:

virmst @ plotin . de


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22/06/2020 8:59 pm  

I am looking again, so if you are too and the above is something you can picture yourself in, write to me and let me know.