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Looking for Mistress / Master

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I am creating my own script from scratch, but it is not as fun to play unless there is someone there to control it. So I am looking for a Mistress (would be my most desired option, but hard to find) or a Master. The script is pretty basic at the moment:

1. I has routines for sleeping and waking up during weekdays and weekends. E.g,: Drink water, take vitamin, weight control, lock in chastity for the day/weekend, put on uniform or clothes chosen the night before, only then can start the day.

2. Permissions must be asked to use the bathroom, eat, smoke, go out, etc.

3. Currently there are no jobs, other than forced hydration (drink water throughout the ay, but I am hoping to change that soon)

4. I am growing the script as I see fit and want to introduce more jobs, punishments, sissy training.


I am a closet-sissy (33 year old male), working from home, so usually I am not doing anything with the script Mon-Fri 8am-6pm other than to ensure I am drinking water or get punished.


If you would like to work with me to control the reports from the script and either continue writing the script or telling me what to add to the script, please let me know.

If you are interested in using the script, please let me know as well. my email is


Sissy Sarah / lilgermanslut 🙂

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I have a few questions.


1: how would you want someone to control your script?


2: who would you want to control your script?


3: what do you want in the script?