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Looking for slave
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Looking for slave

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Hello everyone,

I recently came back to VirMst after a longer pause and I really like the new additions version 4 brings to the table. I migrated an old script of mine to use the new features and now I want to try it out with a real life slave. It might have some problems in the beginning and it is yet rather generic but I will tweak it to the sub who will be using it over time.

The script

The script is currently mostly about control and accountability. I want to know what my subs are doing, when they are doing it, how and what it does to them. The script will also give out tasks and punishments if it sees fit. Also, I will take part in the experience myself by also giving you tasks to complete.

While at home, you will be required to have the program running at all times. While sleeping, going out to work, etc. you will get permission to close the program.

I require regular written reports; you will need to invest time into this, one-liners will not suffice. The script sends emails to me and I will actively monitor what you are doing - in real time if we are in the same timezone.

About me

You will learn more about me when I see fit. For now suffice it to say that I want to control you and your life and that your purpose is to make me happy and obey all my orders. I love control, I love good behavior and I love my subs to be open and honest.


If what you read appeals to you, you can send me an application at Your application needs to include some details about you, your daily life, your living arrangements, your experience and what you are looking for. Also include limits and how far you are willing to go and how much control you are willing hand over (script only, chat, cam, audio, etc.).

Application are open for everyone, independent of sex, race or origin. But please understand that I will choose who will fit my interests most. I will answer all applicants but I can not promise to use all of you. The better the application the better your chances.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


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Is this offer still going?