Virtual Master 4.0 Beta 8 released

Virtual Master 4.0 Beta 8 is now available on the download page.

This version has a few new features:

  • StartMinimized=1 is now ignored first time the program starts on a new script.
  • Bugfix: Weight did not work for options.
  • Bugfix: Flags for month, day in month and weekday are now always set when program starts.
  • Bugfix: String variables containing line breaks now works.
  • Other minor bug fixes

Note: If you use ftp, from this version VM only connects to the ftp server when the program starts. No longer when a new report is made. The reason for this is that restarting a running program gives problems. I hope to be able to solve these problems, but for now this is the best solution.

Sven B.

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