Virtual Master 4.2 Beta 1 released

Virtual Master version 4.2 Beta 1 is available on the download page.

News in this version:

NextSubStatus. You can now move from one substatus to another without loosing the return status.

Lists. You can now keep a list of stuff. What can list be used for? I am not quite sure, but I think they have possibilities. One usage can be to let the sub ask permission to do something some time in the future. There is an example of this in the manual. Another usage could be to have the sub keep a calender of working days. And probably a lot that I haven’t thought of yet.

Functions. Functions are like predefined variables, except that they take parameters and thus can be used to return something depending on something else. An example is $zzWeekdayOf, which can give you the name of the weekday for any date. There are also functions to be used with lists.

Improved syntax checking.

HideTime=1 in a status definition or in the [General] section hides the clock on the main screen.

New events:

    • BeforeStatusChange
    • AfterStatusChange

New predefined variables:

    • #zzDayOfWeek
    • $zzDayOfWeek’
    • $zzMonth
    • $zzStatusPic

Have fun!

Sven B



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