Virtual Master 4.3.0

Virtual Master version 4.3.0 is available on the download page. I decided to drop the endless beta versions, and instead introduce a release number. So in the future you will have 3 levels in the version number.

This version contains some accumulated changes:

  • New predefined variables:
    • $zzInstructions give the latest instructions.
    • $zzClothing gives the latest clothing instructions.
    • $zzAssignments gives the list of assignments from the assignment window.
  • New list processing commands:
    • SetSplit* and AddSplit* to split the content of a variable by newlines and add the result to a list.
    • {*listname} will now give the elements of a list as a string variable, where the elements are separated by newline.
  • InputLong$ to ask for more than one line and put it in a variable.
  • The time on the main screen now (hopefully) shows the time in the local format. I have not been able to test this.


Have fun!

Sven B.

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