Virtual Master 4.3.17 available

Virtual Master version 4.3.17 is available on the download page.


  • LanguageCodePage=UTF-8 can be used to specify that the language file is in UTF-8 encoding.
  • ReportFolder can be used to place the final reports in a different folder than the script and status file.
  • If, notif, notafter, notbefore, notbetween can now be used in in rules.
  • Snapshot=1 takes a picture with the webcam.
  • Window used to take pictures is less visible when used with Snapshot=1 and in a status with CameraInterval.
  • New predefined variable $zzLastPicture contains the file name of the last picture taken.
  • Fixed a bug that in some situations causes a breakdown when the program started.

Have fun!

Sven B.

Sven B

The creator of Virtual Master and the Slave Training Program.

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