Virtual Master

The program enables a sub to design her/his own “virtual master or mistress” to which she/he can report, ask permissions, ask instructions etc. Or it enables a master/mistress to set up a set of rules for a sub, who can send reports back to the master. The program is intended for long term use.

How to use the program:

  • You can design a virtual Master or Mistress for yourself, if you don’t have a real one.
  • If you are a Master or a Mistress and have a sub then you can use the program to control him/her when you are absent.

The program is controlled by a script that you make, so it is designed to your specific situation. You can use all or some of these features, as you like.

How does the sub interact with the program:

  • He/she must report what he/she is doing.
  • He/she must report what he/she is wearing.
  • He/she must ask permission to perform certain actions. The program decides weather or not to grant permission, depending on a lot of factors.
  • He/she must confess when he/she has done anything wrong.
  • He/she must report to the program regularly, as a control that he/she is really home when he/she is supposed to be home.
  • The program will instruct the sub on what to wear.
  • The program will instruct the sub on how to do specific tasks.
  • The program will keep a list of tasks that the sub must perform on time.
  • The program will punish the sub for disobeying, for being late or otherwise not obeying the rules.
  • The program can let the sub write lines as a punishment or as training.
  • The program may interrupt the sub in whatever he/she is doing and give him/her an order.
  • The sub gets points for behaving good and loose points for failing to live up to standards or for being too comfortable. The more points, the easier the life of the sub is.

Other features:

  • The program produces a detailed report on the subs behaviour.
  • The script and the report may be encrypted, so that the sub cannot cheat.
  • The program can send mails to the Master about what the sub is doing.
  • The program can use a webcam to take pictures as documentation.
  • The program can use FTP to send reports to the Master and to automatic update the script.
  • The program may be closed and reopened at any time. When restarted it remembers everything that happened.
  • Foreign language support. Make your Virtual Master / Mistress in any language you prefer.

Download and installation:

Download one of the zip files from the download page and unzip it into an empty directory of your choice (e.g. c:\program files\virmst\). Read the file Readme.txt.

Getting started

Start by reading User guide.pdf. It contains instructions on how to get started. And then play with one of the demo scripts.


The program is freeware.

System requirements:

Windows 95 / 98 / NT / XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 / 11

If you plan to use the webcam facility, it requires DirectX 9 or later.
The program is only developed and tested on Windows 10. However, I have been told that it works fine on Linux using WINE and on Mac using Parallels.


Delete the directory with all files in it.