Yahoo site no longer available

Yahoo have been sold to Oath, and they now require massive permissions to personal data for you to be able to access the Yahoo groups.

As I refuse to give such permissions, I am no longer able to access the group on Yahoo, including approving new users and new content.

This is leaving this site as the only site for dialog about Virtual Master and the Slave Training program.

I am sorry for this development. Yahoo groups have been less and less user friendly over the years, which is the reason why I established this site. However, I don’t find this a good way to end a relationship with Yahoo, which have served us well in the past. But as I no longer have access to Yahoo, I have no choice. I can only be happy that I have had time to establish this site.

I am sorry for the inconvenience, but this is now the only site where you can ask questions about or download scripts to the programs.

Sven B.


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